Amsterdam Brussels Bruges kenangan terindah

Mengembara mengelilingi dunia, menikmati keindahan ciptaan Allah adalah impian sedari kecil. Teringin sekali untuk belajar di luar negara, tetapi impian itu tidak kesampaian. Lepas habis u, bekerja di syarikat MNC jepun, saya berpeluang ke luar negara. Negara matahari terbit. Tapi saya bekerja bukan bercuti jadi sangat berbeza pengalaman yang saya lalui.

Melewati 5 tahun saya di public mutual, passport saya hampir penuh, saya pernah di tegur pegawai kastam ketika kembali ke Vietnam, “puan selalu keluar negara. Puan kerja apa ya?” Tersenyum saya, syukur, Allah berikan business sehebat ini. New Zealand, US, Korea, China, German, Austria, Republic Cezh, Amsterdam netherlands, Brussels Belgium, Mekah Arab Saudi, Vietnam, Hong Kong, & saya menunggu GAM retreat September ini, tak sabar! & December ini saya bercadang membawa anak-anak bermain salji.

Amsterdam, brussels, brudge penuh kenangan manis! 6 orang daripada grp kami yang layak ke percutian Eropah ini.

Di sini saya ingin berkongsi gambar & tempat-tempat menarik sepanjang di Amsterdam, Brussels & Brugge. I copied the info from the travel booklet. Happy reading!


Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in te world and is considered one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. The lovely canals that criss cross the city, impressive architecture, historical sites with more than 1500 bridges has made Amsterdam to be also known as the Venice of the north.

Aalsmeer flower auction is the largest flower auction in the world. Flowers from all over the world (Europe, Ecuador, Columbia, Ethiopia) are traded on daily basis & around 20 million flowers are sold daily. The auction is set up as a Dutch auction in which the price starts high and works its way down. Bidders get only a few seconds to bid on the flowers before they are shipped off to the new owner’s business


volendam is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands, well known for its old fishing boat, traditional costumes & wooden shoes which are still worn by some resident. What draws most travelers to volendam is the typical village centre with its old houses, the bustling harbour area & fishermen’s town atmosphere. The oldest part of the centre is sometimes called the labyrinth, for its narrow streets and seemingly random plan. Sometimes called “the pearl of the zuiderzee” this place is highly popular tourist destination. The volendam women’s costume with its high and pointed bonnet, is one of the most recognisable Dutch traditional costumes and is often featured on tourist postcards and posters.

There are many famous dykes in the Netherlands, that serve as country’s protectors from the sea and one of it is called zeedijk (sea Dyke) the dyke along volendam harbour site has become a centre of recreation filled with restaurants, terraces and bars


Zaanse Schaan is Netherlands in a nutshell: a town of traditional dutch crafts and architecture, with a collection of well preserved historic windmills and houses, a wooden shoe workshop, a cheese farm and more.


Euromast is an observation tower constructed between 1958 to 1960 in Rotterdam. Here, you’ll get to enjoy 360 degree panaromic view of Rotterdam city.


Rotterdam is a city of many faces, a tough port city, a trendy nightlife city, a sophisticated shopping city and a hip artistic city. Starting as a dam constructed in 1270 on the roter river, Rotterdam has grown into a major international commercial centre. It’s strategic location at the Rhine-Meuse-scheldt delta on the North Sea and at the heart of a massive rail, road, air & inland waterway distribution system extending throughout Europe is the reason that Rotterdam is often called the gateway to Europe.


Madurodam is a park and tourist attraction in scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands. It is a home to a range of perfect 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch castles, public buildings and large industrial project as found at various location of the country.


Reypenaer Cheese warehouse one of the places that must not miss visiting is the historic Reypenaer Cheese Warehouse. In this custom built 100 year old warehouse, you’ll gain a fascinating insight to the world of naturally matured cheese, followed by an opportunity to personally test and evaluate the flavour, aroma and unique qualities o the award winning artisan cheeses with a glass of juice under the guidance of Reypenaer Cheese Master.


Diamond Factory
Amsterdam has a long heritage in diamond trade and has been a major diamond centre since Sephardic Jews introduced the diamond cutting industry in the late 16th century.


Canal Cruise Amsterdam
Enjoy a boat ride through the famous Amsterdam canals and enjoy all the attractions that this ancient city has to offer. While gliding through the old centre of the city, you will see elegant mansions, churches and warehouses with their rich history from Holland’s golden age.

Dam Square lies in the historical center of Amsterdam. It’s notable buildings and frequent events make it one of the most well-known and important locations in the city. Amsterdam’s main square become a national square well known to everyone.


The capital of Belgium and of the European Union, is the second international city in the world, as measured by the number of headquarters of international organizations. Apart from its famous chocolates, it is a centre of European culture, officially nicknamed ‘the European village, with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, trendy restaurant.


Bruges is the capital and the largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region of Belgium. Remaining almost unchanged by the ravishes of time, the port city of Bruges has become a leading Belgian tourist attraction in its own right and is amongst the very best preserved of Europe’s medieval cities. The historic canal city is full of charm, gorgeous architecture and above all, is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Batavia stad factory outlet is the first factory outlet village in the Netherlands. The outlet shopping centre houses over 100 shops selling more than 250 fashion brands from kids fashion to sport, shoes to perfumes and from chocolates to interior.


The Atomium is an iconic building in Brussels originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels world fair. It symbolised the democratic will to maintain peace among all the nations


Manneken Pis, also known is French as petit Julien, is a famous landmark in Brussel. It is a small bronze fountain sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into fountain’s basin. It is first played an essential role in the former distribution of drinking water in 15th century.

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