100 ways to motivate others


1) know where motivation comes from -INSIDE NOT OUTSIDE
2) Teach self-discipline – is like a language. Everybody can learn a language. The more u use, the more you can make it happen
3) Tune in before you turn on – don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise u with their results.
4) Be the cause, not the effect
5) stop criticizing upper management
6) do the one thing – motivation requires a calm, centered leader, focused on one thing.
7) keep giving feedback- human being crave real feedback.
8) get input fr ur people
9) accelerate change – my role is to keep my people cheered up, optimistic
10) knows your owners & victims
11) Lead fr the front. ” u can’t change people. U must be the change u wish to see in people”
Be what u want to see!
12) preach the role of thought
13) tell the truth quickly – be great giver
14) don’t confuse stressing out with caring – leadership success comes fr knowing to focus & remain focused. Anything you pay attention to will expand. So don’t spend your attention any old place. Spend where you want the greatest result: in clients, customers, money, whatever. In a relaxed and happy way, you can be undivided, peaceful & powerful. You can succeed.
15) manage your own superiors
16) put your hose away
Unconscious manager ( letting the fires dictate activity)
Conscious leader ( letting desired goals dictate activity)
17) get the picture – leadership is a skill, it can be taught & it can be learned
18) manage agreements, not people
19) focus on the result, not the excuse. positive reinforcement was always for result not activities.
20) coach the outcome
help producer produce more & don’t spend ur time to nonproducer. Manager need to simplify.

To be continued… Stay tune guys :) keep reading my blog!

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